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I have always had a huge interest and passion for dogs, which started at a very young age. That was was ignited whilst I was growing up and I would spend time with my Grandparents after school. My grandad would take me over the fields with his spaniels. It was just amazing to watch their relationship and the special bond they had. I vowed that I myself would one day (when i was a grown up) share the same relationship with my own dogs.


I now have 4 very energetic English Springer Spaniels and a Labrador.

My eldest, Millie, has competed in Agility and is my top working dog. My second Springer, Luna, I have also trained as a working dog, she has now completed three working seasons and I am looking to compete in gundog trials with her.

My 2 younger springers definitely keep me on my toes and are in training to become working dogs - one has done a full season and has been out competing, winning her second ever trial and the other one has done some competitions this year, coming 3rd in her first trial and will be out this season. 

My young labrador puppy is currently learning all the basics and will also become a working dog in a couple of years time.


Dog's spend the entire time they are with you reading your body language. They know when you're upset, they're more reserved when you're angry and they're more active when you are happy.

Because of this, when we train, I spend a lot of time reading my dogs body language so that I can tweak my training methods to give them the best possible chance of succeeding - each one of my dogs is different, handles differently, responds differently and understand things at a different rate. Therefore I need to train each one slightly differently.

This has become my ethos and is something I transfer across to my teaching - no two dogs are ever the same, each one is different in character, temperament and learning ability.



Our Team


I’ve grown up around and owned dogs for most of my life. I began studying dogs and their behaviour in 2006 shortly before starting up Hayling Island Dog Training Club where I was a trainer and part of the team for 13 years, before taking time out to have my daughter. I taught owners to train their dogs including puppies and older rescue dogs in beginners and up to intermediates and advanced levels in addition to running agility classes for many summer seasons after having trained, worked and competed with my own dogs. In 2016 I went to work for Assistance Dog Charity Canine Partners for Independence where I worked as a Dog Welfare Officer further developing my understanding of Dogs and my handling capabilities. After a 3 year break to have and take care of my daughter I’m really enjoying be back teaching owners and their dogs again.

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